How I work

Whether you require marriage guidance, relationship counselling or individual counselling, I will work with you to explore the issues you have and support you in making the positive changes you may require in your life.

In the world of Psychotherapy & Counselling there are many different therapy styles that Counsellors use to support their clients. Each of these have a slightly different focus but all of them have the same goal. To help the client achieve their specified goal.


The way I work with clients does not change all that much between couples and individuals. All of my clients come to me with a specific problem or goal that they would like to resolve or achieve and I offer them the space and understanding to explore the factors that can support them in this. This specific methods I use will be adapted to each client depending on their individual needs, this is the same for client couples. In couple counselling sessions I aim to give both partners equal time & space to explore themselves individually and within their relationship and I always respect the different needs of each person. 


Counselling offers clients the opportunity to voice the things they may be thinking or feeling and really discuss the elements of their lives that are causing them difficulties. In relationship counselling sessions I will act as an alternative perspective, I will ask you to consider different view points, highlights areas that may be causing you problems, question behaviours, thoughts and opinions, explore past experiences, help you find solutions to improve areas of your relationship and work with you to find a common ground that you can build on.


The work I do is informed by a range of psychological theories and counselling experience. I use an integrative approach to counselling to best suit my clients needs.  By using a blend of different therapy styles I can truly place the needs of my client at the centre of the work we do together, ensuring their therapy is appropriate and individual to them.

For examples of how I might work with you please click the button below.

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