The services I offer

The duration of your counselling is dependent upon you and will be discussed at relevant points throughout therapy. Initially counselling will be offered for a period of 10 weeks, after which if further sessions are required these will be offered. All sessions last 1 hour.

Online Counselling - I currently offer counselling via Zoom an online video calling service. This requires clients to have access to an internet connection and a device with a working camera, mic and speakers. This is my most popular form of counselling as clients can access support from the comfort of their own home without having to travel. In my experience I believe this form of counselling is as effective as face to face counselling. Online counselling is offered at a reduced rate as no room hire is required. Online counselling is available to anyone regardless of location.


Telephone Counselling - Due to the nature of relationship counselling, only Individual counselling is available via telephone. Once registered I will contact you at the scheduled time & date of the session and counselling with take place over the phone for 1 hour. Telephone counselling is also offered at a reduced rate and is available to anyone regardless of location.

Face to Face Counselling - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE DUE TO COVID . Currently I work from Carlton North Yorkshire, where I offer face to face 1 hour counselling sessions. Face to face counselling can be booked weekly or fortnightly, on an evening or weekend depending on availability.


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