What to Expect

Below are 2 examples of how our work may progress. Please note, the counselling I offer is adapted for each individual case and therefore it may differ from the below.

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Individual Counselling

The core of my therapy uses a Humanistic approach with the focus on you as a whole. Mind, body and spirit.


Throughout our discussions we may explore your past and look at how your behaviour, thoughts and choices have been influenced by your experiences.


You will be invited to examine your thought processes, your conscious and unconscious reactions and how these effect your feelings and behaviours.


I will work with you to explore your personal strengths, goals and desires and support you to make positive changes that will increase your self-worth, self-esteem and happiness.

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Marriage Guidance & Relationship Counselling

I will work with you both to explore the issues that you present. Using a Systemic approach to therapy we will look at the way you communicate with each other including the patterns and behaviours that have developed over time. 


We will explore the dynamics within your relationships, revealing any underlying tensions that may be causing difficulties and develop strategies that can support positive change.


The focus of relationship counselling is to work towards a joint goal, mutual happiness and increased understanding. Therefore you will both be given equal time and space to explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe and impartial space.