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Hello, My name is Jo and I am an Integrative Counsellor specialising in marriage guidance & relationship counselling.

Marriages and relationships are often hard and life can tend to throw a huge range of difficulties our way. This can mean that the relationships we have with our loved ones are put under increasing amounts of pressure. Security and financial worries, family disagreements, career changes, life transitions, lies and infidelities, differing views, opinions and desires and many more things can and do have a negative affects on relationships. 

However, there is support available. Marriage guidance and relationship counselling is a tried and tested method that has been practiced for many years with great success rates. For many people, the simple act of booking an appointment can make things seem better and for most, once sessions begin the fact that the problem is being acknowledged and addressed is enough to relieve a lot of the pressure they once felt.

"It took a lot of nerve to book an appointment with Jo but once I did, I felt a pressure lift. Then as the sessions went on I started to feel more like my self and more to the point I started to enjoy my marriage again"  Marriage Guidance & Relationship Counselling Client 2020.

I am a Relate trained counsellor and I work with both couples and individuals from all over the UK to explore the difficulties that are causing them unhappiness or uncertainty in their lives, marriage and relationships. 


Marriage guidance and relationship counselling is more than just a place to talk. Counselling offers a safe space for you to both work through your issues, and to explore and reflect on yourselves individually and within your relationship.


Relationship Counselling can help you develop a deeper awareness of yourself, your thoughts and behaviours and the way you interact with those around you. During counselling I will offer you the support and guidance to examine the problems you may be facing in your relationship or marriage and work together with your partner to find a constructive way forwards.

"Knowing we have Jo is like having a parking space for our issues.

If a problem comes up we simply park it and take it to the session" Marriage Guidance & Relationship Counselling Client 2020.

Counselling is a safe place for you both to explore your thoughts and feelings without feeling judged and with the security of complete confidentiality. You can trust that the service I offer will be tailored to your needs and expectations and will support you in your goals, either as a couple or on your own.

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Do you feel under appreciated in your relationship?

Marriage Guidance & Relationship Counselling can help you both confront these feelings and work together to make things better.


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Online marriage guidance and relationship counselling offers a lot more flexibility when it comes to booking an appointment. You can now access counselling without leaving your home and still gain the same great benefits it has to offer you and your loved ones.

All sessions are held over the Zoom video platform where we will be able to see and hear each other using either a computer, tablet or phone with access to the internet. 

To book your free 30 minutes consultation please use the booking form below, alternatively you can contact me on the below email of phone number.

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Based in Yorkshire - England


"In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety" - Abraham Maslow

Abraham Maslow

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