Managing our Stress Container's

We all have busy lives, work, families, relationships, money, pets, travel, etc. and all of these things add to our 'stress container'.

Imagine a tall bucket, every event that happens throughout your day will add or take away water from this bucket. So for example, the alarm clock doesn't go off on time you are running late, add an inch of water to the bucket. You go down stairs and you can't find your keys, add another inch of water. Once in the car you join a long line of traffic and your boos sends you an email needing that document you haven't completed yet, add 2 inch of water to that bucket. You finally get into the office and someone tells you your boss is going to be late in, you have time to finish that document, empty an inch of water from the bucket...... At midday you get a call from your child's school, they are ill and need picking up, add 3 inch of water to your bucket........

I think you can see where I am going with this, that bucket is your mind, and the water is stress. If we continue to take on more and more stress eventually the bucket will overflow so you have to make sure you are doing enough things to protect yourself.

Check out and download the Stress less plan below. This is a brilliant documents shared to me via LinkedIn which I find really helpful. At times simply taking the time to complete something like this can actually empty out a few inches of that water.

Stress Less plan
Download PDF • 2.26MB

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