Relationship Activities to boost your communication

When a new relationship blossoms it is hard to think that you will ever be stuck for things to say or do with each other. It's hard to imagine that you will ever be sat in the same room together but feel like total strangers, like the connection has somehow disappeared.

When we first get into a new relationship our body releases endorphins, feel good chemicals, so our brains light up when we are around that person and everything they say or do increases that feeling. Unfortunately though, as with all 'feel good things' our tolerance increases and after a while it takes more effort to kick start that rush of endorphins.

This is a totally natural part of a healthy relationship, we all have lives and other priorities to take care of, the new exciting addition to this, whilst still loved and appreciated, becomes the expected and the new 'normal'. If you need a few hints and tips on how to reignite some of the excitement and re connect with your partner, check out the below link which offers a number of different activities that you can try to help you begin communicating again and bring back some of that initial interest. Good Luck.

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