Does Relationship Counselling Work?

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Relationship Counselling

This is a common question in my line of work with many different perspectives and opinions.

In general however, I would say, Yes of course it does. I have trained for a long number of years in the field and of course believe in its use and efficacy. I am very passionate about the work I do and see very positive results all of the time.

However, there are different factors that influence the results people can gain.

•Commitment - In order for any therapy to work the person or couple involved need to be committed to the process. Counselling isn't a one stop shop for instant solutions to problems. It takes work and is emotionally challenging. That being said I find commitment is something that grows with time. A lot of my clients aren't fully committed at first but as they get to know and trust me this usually changes.

•A desire to change - usually this is felt by at least one member of the couple and eventually needs to be a shared desire. After all, if you don't think you need to change or at least something needs to change, why would you do the work to change it?

• A shared goal - this can be brought to the 1st session or developed throughout but eventually my clients have to agree a goal that they want to achieve from the counselling. It helps guides the sessions and supports the work we do together.

• A Counsellor you trust, get along with and feel comfortable with - this is the most important element for me, we have to get along. You have to feel like you can trust me, talk to me and be comfortable with me. Relationship counselling is a very personal service which allows me privileged access into your private world. You have to be comfortable with me being there for change to occur.

Of course there are times when clients and Counsellors don't match well but this is normal. I always work with my clients to get to know them, gauge their communication styles and work to make them feel comfortable. I also always ask clients to be honest with me, if I say or do something that doesn't quite work or feel right, let me know. The relationship we have is a work in progress and it is something I feel passionately about in order to support clients in the way they require.

Have a look at the below article for more info. I quite liked this article because it goes further into the question of whether counselling works. Its always good to have well balanced arguments to work with and this has just that.

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